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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Inspections

As a top moisture and mold inspection company in Southern California we inspect the smallest as well as the largest of residential or commercial properties for moisture intrusion and mold situations. Moisture and MoldCheck Professionals covers the Greater Los Angeles area, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Northern Orange County, eastern Ventura County, the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley and Canyon Country. Out-of-area inspections are also available for a client’s special needs.

Moisture and MoldCheck has a sufficient number of inspectors so we can service any size structure or structures, often on the same day of request for service or the following day.

Residential Home Owners & Real Estate Agents 

The majority of our inspections are for those with concerns about mold, either in the course of home ownership or when a home is for sale. Significant numbers of home owners and real estate agents count on Moisture and MoldCheck’s integrity in doing very thorough inspections, providing non-alarming unbiased reports and in making home-sale transactions go smoothly if there are moisture intrusion and mold situations to be handled before closing.      

Apartment & Condominium Building Owners/Property Management Companies

Our apartment and condominium-owning clients also appreciate our commitment to performing inspections that are as unobtrusive as possible and only minimally disturb occupants. Moisture and MoldCheck’s inspection reports give precise non-alarming data to owners, buyers or property managers on what remediation or maintenance matters need to be addressed.

Commercial & Industrial Property Owners

Commercial and industrial properties can experience the same problems of moisture intrusion and therefore mold growth. “Sick Building Syndrome” is a potential for modern tightly sealed structures. Periodic inspections and testing are a must for many larger commercial and industrial structures. Restaurants, child and elder care facilities, hotels and other specialty service structures may require periodic (annual or bi-annual) inspections so that air quality is assured.

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