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Comprehensive and affordable Los Angeles mold inspections.

"I highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for help solving a mold problem. You’re truly the best!" – A.N., customer

Los Angeles Mold Inspector

Why a Moisture & Mold Inspection?

When you’re concerned about mold. Concerns about the presence of mold issues for any reason can be resolved by having an inspection You’ll get the information you need to take the next step. Our Los Angeles mold inspectors makes the process simple for you.

To be proactive. People and pets alike are affected differently one to the next by mold. Left unhandled mold issues can lead to costly damage to your home or property as well. Find out about current issues and potential problems so you can take action.

For peace of mind. No matter the findings of an inspection having the knowledge is what enables you to do something about it. And better yet, you may learn that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Mold can be alarming. We are not.

Moisture & Mold Check has simplified the mold inspection process to get you the information you need without excessive cost or hype about concerns.

Our Los Angeles mold inspections are tailored to different property types and customer concerns. Our focus is on current issues and problems that could lead to mold in the future. We use our knowledge of general construction to assess for problem areas and recommend samples only when warranted.

The Advantages

Inspectors + Office Staff + Integrity = Dedicated Team

Knowledge of Construction + Certification Courses = Well Educated Inspectors

Inspections-Only + No Repairs = Unbiased Findings & Recommendations

All the Above + Over 20,000 inspections performed = Your best choice!

Mold Inspection Options

Full Visual Mold Inspection

Limited Area Mold Inspection


Clearance Testing

Our Process


Thorough visual examination of the interior and exterior of a home or property to look for visible signs of mold, water damage and moisture-related issues.

Specialized Tools

Use of specialized equipment around windows, doors and areas with plumbing to look for signs of moisture intrusion.


Based on observations made, as well as customer concerns, inspector may recommend samples and can collect them at the time of the inspection.


A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations, including sample analysis if applicable, is compiled and issued.

The most amazing inspectors in the business ...

Los Angeles Mold Test
Los Angeles Mold Testing

“I have used La Rocca and its sister companies exclusively for the last four years. Steve Ellsworth, Ed Fayton (sewer), Chris Richeson (chimney) and Sean Brennecke (mold) are the most amazing inspectors in the business.” - R.B.

You’re truly the best!

Mold Check Los Angeles
Mold Inspection Company Los Angeles

"I highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for help solving a mold problem. You’re truly the best!" - A. N.

Professional, courteous, and on time ...

Mold Inspection Company Los Angeles
Mold Inspection Los Angeles CA

"The inspector you sent was great. I believe myself to have high standards and I found him to be professional, courteous, and on time."- M. S.

Extremely thorough, friendly, and very patient ...

Mold Inspector Los Angeles
Mold Testing Los Angeles

“The inspector from Moisture and Mold Check was extremely thorough, friendly, and very patient with my many questions.” - C. R.

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