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Our Services & Capabilities

•  We do Mold Inspections & Testing. These inspections are performed by qualified and experienced inspectors using their extensive construction experience and state-of-the-art moisture and mold-sampling equipment. They are familiar with the causes of moisture intrusion resulting in mold contamination.

•  We do not perform any repairs to buildings and systems or remediation of mold  contamination, which allows us to be unbiased in our findings. We do refer our clients to qualified specialty repair contractors and remediation companies when they are needed.

•  Our "standard of care" for the clients is not merely the identification or verification that there is a moisture intrusion and contamination situation, but we direct the client to both the causes and their resolution. 

•  Our inspectors only recommend the taking of ambient air or in-the-wall air samples, swab, tape lift or bulk samples to our clients when the conditions found warrant their taking.

•  Our inspections are performed 7 days a week, Monday through Saturday, with Sunday upon request.

•  We also can take viable (cultural) air samples for medical situations or litigation purposes when clients require them.

•  We deliver computer-generated reports with photographs and recommendations on what repairs, remediation or cleaning may be necessary, with laboratory results included when samples are taken.

•  Our inspectors do not accept any gratuities or "kick backs" for repairs or remediation referrals and they pledge this, in writing, to their clients in each report.
See sample disclosure report
•  Our inspectors can assist their clients as expert witnesses concerning mold, moisture, and construction defects when needed.

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