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Recommended Remediation Companies:

If remediation is found to be needed for your property, Moisture and MoldCheck Professionals recommends the following companies. Moisture and MoldCheck has extensive experience with these companies and can recommend them with confidence:

Building Cleaning Services, Inc.
Contact: Garrison Clarke
820 Thompson Ave. #26
Glendale, CA 91201
Office: (818) 953-7100
Fax: (818) 953-4060
Cell: (213) 422-6281 Garrison
Cell: (213) 446-8681 Kathy
Website: www.buildingcleaningservices.net
Email: [email protected]

CKJ Environmental
Contact: Clifton Kane Jr.
790 W Basin
San Pedro, CA. 90731
Office: (310) 833-9399
Cell: (310) 525-8991
Website: www.ckjenv.com
Email: [email protected]

Fresh Air Environmental, Inc.
Contact: Kevan Stark
1514 S. Eastern Ave.
Commerce, CA 90022
Office: (800) 564-8282
Fax: (323) 269-0636
Cell: (213) 216-5874
Website: www.4freshair.biz
Email: [email protected]

Specialty Contractor Referrals:

For all additional contractor referrals please click here to view the extensive list of companies that our sister company LaRocca Inspections has referred with confidence for over 10 years.

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