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The Moisture and MoldCheck Inspection Process

Visual Inspection

We perform a thorough visual inspection of the building or property. Our inspectors look for indications of excess moisture and past moisture intrusion and mold-like substances, and we then investigate these as to their sources. The olfactory sense, highly effective moisture meter and other professional tools such as borescopes (to look into walls or other hidden spaces) and a humidity & temperature tester are used to investigate a structure.

Sampling Procedures

Air samples or other types of sampling such as swab or tape lift can be performed on what is discovered in the visual inspection. If “red flags” such as water stains, musty smells, elevated moisture levels on surfaces or visible mold-like substances are observed, then sampling may be recommended. Laboratory results on any samples taken provide the inspector with vital information for use in giving precise, accurate recommendations to the client.

Moisture and MoldCheck’s inspectors use state-of-the-art air-sampling equipment. Samples taken are submitted daily to our laboratory in Glendale, California. No time or costs are added by having to ship the samples to another city or state. Lab samples are analyzed and results are obtained within 1–2 days. The lab also offers same-day service for an additional fee.

Our comprehensive reports based on our extensive visual inspection and with laboratory results are issued within 1–2 days. The reports can be e-mailed, faxed or hard mailed to our clients.

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